When to Get Your Automatic Watch Serviced

automatic watch service

Your automatic watch is one of your most prized possessions, as beautiful as it is functional. You take pains to care for it in the best ways possible, always aware not to subject it to extremes of heat and cold and storing it securely. In spite of all you already do, you may still be…read more

How Often You Should Use a Watch Winder

watch that needs a winder

An automatic watch is a type of watch that winds itself. However, this winding only occurs when the wearer has the watch on their wrist, as the wearer’s arm moves the winding mechanism. Though it winds correctly when worn, this does not occur when not on the wearer’s arm, which is where the watch winder…read more

The Best Ways To Store Your Watches

Watch storage tips

Most people only wear one watch but will often own more than one. It is common for individuals to have watches they can use in different situations. A person may not want to wear a pilot’s watch to a formal affair. A diver’s watch may not be a good choice when spending time in the…read more

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