Double Watch Winders

If you own a pair of stunning automatic watches, chances are excellent that you won’t be wearing both of them simultaneously. As soon as you remove your automatic watch from your wrist, it ceases to get the movement it needs in order to remain wound and fully functioning. In a matter of only a day or two, your watch will stop, and all of your time and date settings will be lost. The next time you want to dress to impress and you reach for your timepiece, you will be faced with the time-consuming task of manually winding it and making it accurate again. But if you have a Heiden double watch winder, all of your worries in this area will be things of the past. Designed to wind two watches at once, Heiden dual winders are available in several veneer finishes including walnut, cherry and leather. The unit’s two winders work independently of each other, allowing you to set the direction and turns per day individually according to each of your watch's manufacturer specifications. You can choose among several of our double winders according to your personal preferences. Whichever watch winder you choose, you can be sure that you are buying a high-quality yet economical product that will keep your watch running for years to come.
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