Most people only wear one watch but will often own more than one. It is common for individuals to have watches they can use in different situations. A person may not want to wear a pilot's watch to a formal affair. A diver's watch may not be a good choice when spending time in the rugged outdoors. A Bovet watch may be preferred for use only during special occasions. When a person's collection of watches is not being used, they will need to be stored in a secure place. This place needs to be able to protect watches from fire, burglary or any other type of potential loss.

Home Safe

To protect their watches from burglary or fire some people use a home safe. These safes may come with an electronic lock or one that has a mechanical locking mechanism. There are a number of different safes available for purchase. Various sizes make it possible to easily meet individual needs. Some small safes can be picked up and taken from a house by a thief, so they need to be hidden in a secure area.

It is also possible to get a safe that is tailor-made. A person can have a safe built with the same lacquer finish as their favorite automobile. It can even contain a specified number of watch winders within it. These types of safes can be designed to specifically match the decor of an office or study. All tailor-made safes are designed to meet very high safety standards.

Watch Winders

Properly storing watches can prevent them from being lost or having them accumulate excessive amounts of dust. This also will keep people from borrowing the watches without permission. People will always need to wind their watches, so it makes sense to store them in a watch winder. This is designed to keep an automatic-winding watch working. Using a watch winder means the watches won't need to be adjusted or wound when it's time to use them. Watch winders are especially valuable if they are used to store automatic-winding watches that have a perpetual calendar. To set them can be complicated and with the use of a watch winder for storage, it may not be necessary. Some watch winders can be programmed to for a number of windings and set in a specific direction. Some are powered with batteries, and others can be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Bank Deposit Box

There are many banks that provide a service where people can rent a deposit box. The cost is usually a reasonable annual fee. It's a place where people can store important documents, jewelry as well as watches. Should a person rent a bank deposit box, they should ask about insuring it. This is considered by many people to be the safest way to store watches if a person is going to be away for an extended period of time.

Properly storing a watch will preserve its value and maintain its functionality. A storage method should be chosen that best fits a person's individual situation.