luxury wrist watchIf you only want to know what time it is, you need go no further than your local discount store, where you can buy a perfectly serviceable quartz watch for just about what you would spend on lunch. However, if you are a lover of style, elegance, and precision, you would not be content with something that is so mass-produced and utilitarian. For you, a premium timepiece represents that marriage of prestige, precision, and hand-crafted elegance that is unparalleled by any budget brand. That being said, you might still be wondering how to go about choosing a premium timepiece. Read on for some tips that will help you make a purchase that might just be the start of an expanding collection.

Do Your Homework

Fortunately for you, there are numerous lovers of horology, the study of watches, many of whom can be found with a few clicks of your mouse. On their detailed, information-packed websites, as well as those of watch manufacturers, you can learn all about the various types of timepieces and the companies that produce them. In addition to this gold mine of facts, don’t overlook your local jeweler, who can often provide a fund of data about different timepieces. He or she might also be able to let you hold some of the models in your hand and see how they feel on your wrist.

You’ll also want to give your automatic watch the protection it deserves by keeping it safe, secure, and maintenance free when you are not wearing it. So do your homework for watch rotators as well, as the purchase of one should go hand in hand with purchasing a luxury watch.

Find the Watch You Really Love

Unless you are independently wealthy, you probably have set some sort of budget that you plan to use in dictating how much to spend on your premium watch. While budgets are a fact of life for most of us, it makes sense to balance frugality with the need to find a timepiece that truly resonates with you and your personality and lifestyle. If the timepiece you fall in love with exceeds your financial constraints, don’t automatically dismiss it in favor of a cheaper version that you will ultimately not like or wear. After all, part of the joy of owning a premium watch is wearing it and feeling its artisan-crafted weight on your wrist. If it takes a little longer to get the watch you really want or if you need to tighten your belt in other areas, it just might be worth it.

Buy From a Dealer You Trust

If possible, it is to your advantage to purchase your premium timepiece from a jeweler you know and have dealt with in the past or from the manufacturer. If you do decide to buy online, be sure you are doing business with a reputable company that has solid credibility. One way to gauge this is to read social media pages to make sure that the company follows through with customer questions. Before purchasing, make it a point to know that the seller will allow you to return a watch that is damaged or defective.

Understand Why You are Buying a Premium Watch

If you are simply contemplating making this purchase as a way to make a profitable investment, think again. In most instances except in the case of ultra-luxury timepieces that can appreciate over decades, watches do not rise in value over time. By contrast, if you want your watch to be an heirloom that can be handed down through the generations, investing in a premium timepiece can give those you love something to remember you by that is unique, beautiful, and functional.

Buy a Watch You Will Enjoy

People buy and collect premium timepieces for many reasons: as status symbols, for prestige, and to commemorate a milestone or an achievement. Whatever the reason, the timepiece that graces your wrist will always be there to remind you of a special moment. An automatic watch winder, available in a wide range of styles and price points, will enable you to keep your timepiece wound exactly according to its manufacturer specifications when you are not wearing it. Consequently, the oils that lubricate its parts will remain in motion and the life of your precious timepiece will be prolonged. So too will be the time between costly manufacturer repairs, which can often leave you without your watch for months on end.

Your high-end timepiece is a visible statement about you. Lovingly engineered and beautifully appointed, your watch is a great deal more than just a teller of time. Be diligent about doing your research before making your purchase and you are sure to choose a luxury timepiece that you will treasure for years to come.