watch collection

Perhaps you caught a glimpse of a beautiful automatic watch on the wrist of someone you admired. Or you noticed a friend’s 4 watch winder on their bureau and began asking questions about it and the watches it maintains. Maybe you received an heirloom handed down from a deceased family member. Possibly, you became an enthusiast thanks to some online surfing that turned into a fascination with the precision, beauty, and history of automatic timepieces. Whatever the reason, you are now asking yourself how to begin building your own collection of fine watches.

Understand Your Motives

Ask yourself why you are interested in accumulating automatic watches. Is it for the quantity so that you can have 10, 20, even 100 timepieces to display? Or are you attracted to the exquisite style of premium products, understanding that your collection might be smaller but more substantial? Are you interested in building your watch collection as an investment for your future, or perhaps as a legacy to be handed down? If the sky is the limit financially and you are interested in the best of the best, choose from brands such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, A. Lange & Sohne, and Rolex. If your means are more limited, there are numerous pieces that are quite beautiful but more economical.

Get a Handle on Your Budget

Collecting items of any kind usually means spending money, but fine watches, more than most other items, can quickly set you back in a big way, particularly if you choose the premium brands listed above. When it comes to investment potential, remember that a new watch begins to depreciate as soon as you purchase it. By contrast, some vintage timepieces that are in good condition and that were made by fine watchmakers years ago actually can begin to rise in value and have definite investment potential. If you wish to make money off your collection in the future, consider purchasing timepieces with classic style and medium-sized dials that will be as chic in five decades as they are today. By doing so, you can keep your budget manageable while still helping your collection grow.

Know Your Watch Wearing Priorities

You might be a timepiece aficionado who simply loves to admire your Rolexes from afar, but most collectors also love to wear their pieces. If you fall into the latter category, be sure to make purchases that suit your personal style. What styles and brands would look exceptional with your suits? Or are you a sports enthusiast with a passion for high-end, cutting-edge diving watches? Fortunately, there are automatic timepieces in every category; you will have no difficulty finding products that match your personal tastes and wearing preferences.

Choose Your Watch Seller

Particularly if you are interested in vintage models, it is vital that you trust the person or store from which they are coming. If a price seems too good to be true, steer clear; the watch is probably a knockoff or defective in some way. Ask thorough questions about the seller’s return policy, and do your research online. The Internet is brimming with sites catering to collectors. Many contain reviews and invaluable advice from other watch enthusiasts as well.

Think About Maintenance

Again, doing your homework is very helpful, since maintaining your timepieces will prolong their longevity and potentially enhance their value. Learn how to clean and store your watches. In addition, look into getting a single, double, or even 4 watch winder in order to keep all of your pieces wound according to their manufacturer specifications.

Embarking on a watch collection is an exciting and fascinating proposition. Enjoy every minute of the process of researching, accumulating, displaying, wearing, and caring for your amazing, hand-crafted automatic watches. You have joined an elite club of men and women who truly do value the finer things in life.