insurance for watches

When you first realized you were passionate about automatic watches and wanted to make a hobby out of collecting them, your mind was probably only focused on the beauty, craftsmanship, and precision of the pieces. It was only later, perhaps after you had accumulated two, five, or ten timepieces, that you seriously began to wonder if you should take steps to protect your investment. Fortunately for you, you’re not the first watch aficionado to ruminate about this subject. There are definitely things you can do to keep your beloved collection secure.


If you have invested significantly in the finest high-end timepieces, putting down several more thousand dollars on a safe should not give you serious qualms. Some of these security-packed beauties can cost over $50,000, but you will be getting much more than a locked box. Some safes of this caliber are designed specifically for watches. They contain lights that enable you to see your pieces, and some even include built-in watch winders. The locks are often Swiss-made, and you can generally have some flexibility in the storage by having the ability to remove drawers to give you extra room.

Watch Winders

Of course, you can also purchase a non-watch specific safe as well. But if you choose to do that, there is nothing preventing you from buying separate automatic watch winders that can fit inside. In case you’re not exactly sure what a watch winder does, it’s a jewelry box specially designed to store one or several timepieces, each on its own secure pillow. The pillows are attached to turntables, which rotate clockwise, counter clockwise, and bi-directionally to wind your watches with a motion that is similar to the natural movements of your wrist. With automatic watch winders, your precious collection is kept secure, dry, scratch-free and totally wound day after day.


Taking out a policy on your collection, or adding it to an existing homeowners package that you already have, is a very intelligent first step. Before you do anything else, take clear pictures of every watch in your collection and make copies of your receipts. If you have a safety deposit box or a locked steel container where you put your valuable papers, add this documentation. Then consult your insurance agent, being very specific about the value of your collection. Although taking this action could raise your homeowner’s insurance premiums, you will thank yourself in the event that you are robbed or your collection is destroyed in a fire.

Whether you have been building your collection for years or are just starting out, keeping your watches safe is a consideration you should not ignore. After all, they mean too much to you, both emotionally and from an investment perspective. Safeguard what you love so that you can continue to enjoy it for the rest of your life and perhaps as an heirloom for your descendants to treasure as well.